Friday, February 18, 2011

Hello beautiful city of mine

espirit fur vest - h&m top, shorts, and stockings
missing: knee high socks from gap

Reading week! I'm finally back home! So nice to be back in Toronto, I miss this city of mine. The diversity and energy feeds into my system, and even better when the sun is out. I have been suffering the winter blues, but the instant change of weather is doing wonderful things to the chemicals in my brains. Anyways, here's my attempt to take an outfit picture with my Canon Powershot SD600. Sad attempt I must add! Taking advantage of the epic sunshine, I took several pictures but the wind was just to strong. So I decided to come back in and the manual settings weren't listening to me :(. I apologize for the half assness, but guess who's going to be a proud owner of the Lumix LX5 sometime soon? :D :D

Hope you have a good weekend!

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