Thursday, March 24, 2011

I thought it was Bikini weather?

jean & plaid: gap | vest: espirit | bow heels: winners
i kid you not, that vest became my winter staple.

scarf: gifted | button up shirt: jacob | cargo pants: garage | boots: matisse

1. I need a tripod. Right now the only thing that's holding my camera up are flimsy stacked boxes: a disaster is waiting to happen!
2. I never realized how crooked my apartment is!
3. Canadian weather confuses me.
4. CRUNCH TIME. I'm frowning, my first exam is on the April 8th. It's the heaviest class of all four of my courses, and the first one to start ):
5. Hope you have a good weekend!!


  1. That is a great vest! Love your bow heels, too.
    Haha I'm looking for a tripod, too. I use books and files to prop up my camera, but I really hate it because it's so messy.
    All the best for your exams! :)

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