Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adventurer's Blood


I have a huge love for adventuring. Doesn't matter how short or how long, or if it's in an alley way packed with graffiti painted walls, or even around the beautiful city of Toronto! The thrill of just finding new things to see, great food, and places to discover gets my blood going. It was also one of the things that I love about the boyfriend: he would never say no for some good ol' adventure time!

Harbour Diner
486 James St. N
Hamilton, ON

Last week a good friend of mine and I dined in a local food joint near a harbour. I instantly fell in love with the rustic decor, the positive atmosphere, and fresh food! So I decided to take the boyfriend for some good food, and find that beautiful harbour I have been wanting to go for so long.

Sorry for the half ass outfit photo! It was just to cold and windy so I had to settle with this one shot. I also didn't want the camera to fall from it's inevitable doom, since it was battling between the slanted makeshift "tripod" and the wind. Though.. I might scam for boyfriend's photos... hehehe :3
Btw don't wear leggings in a 9 degrees weather. Though I did layer it with tights, but I got to excited 'cause of the temperature and wasn't accounting for the wind... shame on me ):

One of the greatest thing about living here for 8 months: sun set.

T-minus 13 days until freedom! Gosh, I'm in dire need of some summer and a good week of relaxation. Uni gets me seriously worked up :(

P.s. Boat namers are hilarious:


  1. Ahh lovely pics. : ) Do you go to McMaster? Since you're in Hamilton.. haha

  2. haha I'm a nerd. I did my research before choosing a uni. ; ) What year/program are you in?

    P.S. you should turn off that word verification ; )