Monday, April 4, 2011

blazer, sheer top & tweed shorts: H&M | tights: Urban Outfitters | bow heels: Winners

So much for promising a post full of March outfits huh?

One of my good friend had her birthday early in March, and one of the most memorable memory I had during the dinner was her boyfriend busting out his guitar and singing her favourite song! I'm not a huge romantic kind of person, but I thought it was the cutest moment I have witness in my life! We also hit up a local club right after the dinner. I actually have a long rant about the typical dress code girls fall under in clubs, but long story short: I despise those boobie hanging and ass flaring dresses. Which inspired this outfit, I wanted to be the odd ball out hahaha. A chick can look sexy when baring the minimum too!

Anyways, I just had a massive brain fart an hour ago. Preparation for exams does nothing but stresses me out! Time for bed, good night! :)


  1. Cute outfit! I love your sheet shirt and your tights are so pretty! Just enough coverage to look sexy, not slutty. I definitely agree with you on the dress codes. As cliche as it sounds, sometimes less is certainly more.

  2. I wanted to get those tights before! tehe Very nice ; )