Friday, April 29, 2011

But I'm alone, on this throne

bow top: H&M | cardigan: GAP | jeans: HARLOW | heels: NINE WEST | wristlet: ZARA

Moved back home on Tuesday, and since then I have been having a hard time just settling down. Everytime I leave home for Uni, it's like I'm shedding my life here and putting it on pause. Now that I'm back for the next four months, trying to live in this old/new skin feels awfully familiar but different.

I have been picking up the interest in developing my knowledge in mens wear. Mens wear is a whole 'nother world but absolutely fascinating nonetheless!

My birthday is just around the corner. Excited? Not really. For me right now, where I'm at in my life, turning 21 brings a new set of problems and responsibilities. I'm all about growing up, developing, and shaping a better version of my yesterday self. However, right now at this moment... I'm in dire need of some saving.

Oh well, at least this can give me an excuse to find myself a birthday outfit :)

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  1. Love the prep-school boyish vibe of a pussybow top & cardigan!