Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Give Me Back My Heart Attack!

blazer, top, shorts & tights: H&M | knee high socks: GAP | belt: vintage

Random fact #1: I'm easily prone to the cold. So if Toronto has a 15+ km/h wind chill on a summer day, I will freeze to death!

If you listen to Stars or Land Of Talk, they're holding a free concert at Young & Dundas Square from 7-10p.m. this Friday!

Edit - June 16 2011:
I was struck by the I-can't-sleep-bug, so decided to make use of my time.

After seeing xJole's blog revamp, I was reminded that I needed to make a new banner for this blog. Spend about 30 mins playing around with photoshop: vectored a cage and a crow, found my font, and ta da~

I was considering adding a bit of colour on the links and etc, but decided against it, I like everything in crisp B&W. I'll let my photos do the colouring instead :)


  1. I had never met anyone who gets cold easily as I do. My lips turn blue if I'm not wearing enough, even on a summer day!

    The sheer top is great, love it with the blazer.

  2. Love your cute outfit. Everything seems so well put together. Love the dotty blouse.

    Pretty banner! I love that it's hanging down the side. So apt for your title, too. I can't use Photoshop to save my life. I don't even have PS! haha

  3. Oh, oh btw, Eyeko nail polishes...I bought 4 bottles (from a promo that was going on) and quite like them so far :)