Monday, July 11, 2011

No Sense of Time

Over the weekend I made a quick visit for an overdue and much needed quality time with the boyfriend. It was a quiet afternoon, we dined in for some Vietnamese food, stroll around Westdale, and took a mini hike in a forest located behind our campus. Probably one of the most favourite things about my University, we're completely surrounded by nature. It's absolutely gorgeous during the Summer/Fall season!

Photos by T. Hoang

I also picked up a dress in a cute boutique called DLR. The only flaw to this dress is the neck hangs quite low. So I'm deciding whether I should poke another hole on the leather straps or replace it with a braided fabric rope. What do you guys think?

Btw, Blogspot just added in the option where you can add in your own favicon! Can you see my little crow? :D


  1. The belt as a strap thing is pure genius! Does it ever bother you though? I'd imagine it can be harsh on your skin when it's hot out, or you have a purse strap on the same shoulder..

  2. The dress doesn't look too low, but I can see how it can be uncomfortable. I'm sure poking another hole in the straps won't hurt. : ) And wow his hands are veiny :P

  3. The dress looks fine, actually. Not too low at all :)
    I love the leather straps, it's so unique! I reckon leave it? :)

    Btw, my studded rings from H&M were purchased last year, I think. Or the year before last. Either way, it's been quite a while :)