Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Made a recent purchase (Thank you Kijiji!). I have always wanted the old school Polaroid camera, but considering that the Polaroid 600 films cost around 40$ for only a pack of 10, I had to shut down my dream. So I turned around and decided to invest on a film camera. Who else misses/loves the idea of have your photos developed the old way!?

Currently testing out a roll of film right now. Hopefully the camera is just as great as the owner said it to be!

Anyone shoot film before? Would love it if you can give this novice some pointers! Thank you!


  1. hmm, i have for two years in highschool. i suppose it was fun developing the pictures in the darkroom. but i hated not being able to see the image after i took it!

  2. I've developed a couple of rolls for my Holga and even finished 2 rolls for my friend's wedding. Am currently trying to finish the one in my Diana Mini. I'm very amateur-ish and most of my photos don't turn out the way I want, but it's still fun. All the tips I get from lomography.com :)

  3. Canon AE-1 = Love!