Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cats and Coffee

Scarborough Bluffs

I would love to live by the lake. With a house fit for two and a fat sassy dude cat who answers by the name Tobi (he's also a slut for cuddles and kisses). And in front of that house, I would have two lawn chairs and a small coffee table just for my coffee mugs.


  1. And the coffee mugs should be filled with Starbucks coffee? ;)

    In reply to your comment:
    Ah, no worries, Disqus (my commenting system) can be quite confusing at first. Before I installed mine on my blog, I signed up for an account as I find a lot of the blogs I read uses Disqus anyway. And once you register, it will remember your details and you can just comment without having to type in all your details again :D

    The way you're commenting now is fine as well, as I'm still able to see your details :)

  2. ...I'm gonna ruin this for you. So sorry. Aren't there a ton of mosquitoes by lakes?

  3. awesome. my family has a cabin near a lake, but oh how i wish it was ON the lake. makes all the difference.