Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not missing, just Misplaced

cardigan, top & shorts: GAP | belt: VINTAGE | t-strap sandal: NINE WEST | watch: TIMEX | bracelets: SELF-MADE

Everytime I go through my batch of outfit photos, 3/4 of them are always tainted with my unattractive smelly faces. WHY OH WHY! :(

I'm blaming Tumblr for this, but lately I have been obsessing over the idea of friendship bracelets. I saw a couple of pictures circulating around my dashboard, loved the look, got inspired, and made a trip to Michaels. The process is quite tedious and a bit confusing, but it was fun nonetheless!

And.. I leave you with this video:

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  1. I love friendship bracelets. Now I just need some friends.

    Hahahahahahahahaaha. That sounded horrible.
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