Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I said maybe... You're gonna be the one who Saves Me?

cardigan: TOMMY HILFIGER | sheer top: H&M | corduroy: LEVIS | booties: STEVE MADDENS | accessories: F21 & THRIFTED

I have develop an insane love for corduroys.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

"I'm a man with little words"

top, vest, & shorts: H&M | belt: GAP | necklace: F21

  • My default Autumn outfit is usually shorts & tights. I think I'm fooling myself into thinking this is the coldest that Ontario will ever have to endure. Go away Winter.
  • Sometimes I wish H&M would just sponsor me already, I'm their walking advert day-in and day-out, hahaha
  • I have to thank the boyfriend (T. Hoang) for these photos. Though I'm extremely camera shy, and he always wanted to take part of my outfit photos, I thought it was time for me to give my tripod a break and test out my awkward poses with another human being LOL
Hope everyone is having a good weekend! I'm off studying for my never ending midterms :(