Sunday, January 29, 2012


27 John St. S
Hamilton, ON

U Shao, a newly opened All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ located at the heart of downtown Hamilton. TH actually never had Korean BBQ before! So we were both super excited to try this place out. Unfortunately, it was quite a let down. While the service was great and the interior design was awesome, we weren't happy with the quality of the meat. We ordered sliced beef, which was falling apart hence the tiny pieces of beef seen in the picture, and short ribs, which was covered in 80% of fat. The only highlight for us were the grilled vegetables, shrimps (for me, TH is allergic to seafood), and dessert: mango and green tea ice cream.

I'm pretty bummed out that TH's first Korean BBQ experience wasn't a great one. But since we're planning to take a trip to Toronto sometime in February, we'll definitely make it up!


  1. I'm actually really terrible at Korean BBQ! I only end up eating the rice and side dishes 'cause I'm not a big meat eater, LOL.

  2. o no! i havent been to kbbq in a very long time. i love shrimp, so i would have probably ate a pound of shrimp and still had been satisfied. hope you have a better experience when you try again in toronto!