Thursday, February 9, 2012

Almost There

blazer: H&M | silk top: WILFRED | pants: ROMWE | shoes: SAM EDELMAN | jewelry: THRIFTED & F21

One of my life goals is to be a blazer hoarder. I want it all.

In other news, the results to my clinic placement came out yesterday! Looks like I'll be staying in Hamilton for the summer :D! I'm excited for this term to be over. Although I have a lot of passion fueling into my future career, the redundant routine University puts me in, I get discourage sometimes. Well more like, it's clouding the reasons why I'm doing this in the first place. But after finding out my clinic placements yesterday, there's this ridiculous burning motivation. Like, this is real Dianne, you're doing it. You're slowly accomplishing one of your biggest life goal. And holy shit, it feels so damn good.


  1. omg sleek! I LOVE the blazer. H&M does such nice blazers, right? I have 2 from them already hehe

    And congratz on the placement! Jia you!

  2. It's crazy how many blazers I don't have. Blazers are much too warm for the summer here... But I love them too!

  3. Love the sheerness of the top. The shape and contrasting colour of the lapels on that blazer are FIERCE. I may have to go out and scour the nearest H&M..

  4. am surprised to see that your jewelry's thrifted only! :D lovely! new follower :)