Saturday, September 22, 2012

Give me a bit of your Wine

After graduating from my highschool, I vowed to never ever wear anything maroon/wine red/burgundy/etc again. I lived in a school where we had maroons as part of uniform colour and walls/doors dedicated to the colour, I was quite sick of it by my third year of highschool. Then I moved to Hamilton, attended to McMaster University, and there it was again, our Uni's main mascot colour: maroon. You can imagine me throwing myself onto my knees and making a roar out of it, hahaha.

But here I am now, four years later, so in love with this colour to the point where it's almost dominating my closet. So like that saying goes, never say never!

sweater: TOPSHOP | owl blouse: ZARA | pants: ROMWE | shoes: STEVE MADDENS | white bag


  1. That purse is wonderful! I am a really big fan of burgundy this Fall!

  2. I was the same with white & navy combo'd outfits. haha I'm loving the emergence of burgundy this fall!

  3. Wine is probably the only thing I love about fall, haha. Can't wait to add more pieces.. this colour is popping up every where in stores!