Monday, March 4, 2013


blazer: H&M | top: OLD NAVY | bottoms: J BRANDS | shoes: ASOS | belt: thrifted LIZ CLAIBORNE

Just wanted to pop in and drop a quick hello... So, Hello!
And I also wanted to wish my amazing boyfriend a Happy 24th Birthday! Love ya :)

P.S. To my Canadians, if you happen to own an iPhone or iPad or iTouch (am I missing anything else?) checkout the Checkout 51 app! It's basically like a 'coupon' app, where there's a list of deals on groceries every week that you can save on. Just look at what they have to offer, take a picture of your bill, and upload it to the app. Once you accumulate $20 into your account, they will send you a cheque! Here's a link to the website: Checkout 51, for additional information.
For those who already know about this, how much did you save far!?


  1. Love the look. So fresh and perfect for spring : )

  2. I really thought those were the kitten heels from Zara that everyone has been wearing! What a great alternative.